01 Sep


So many people put out manuals of life/living; how we should speak, how we should act, how we should think.

But I wonder where these people get their training and why they are called professionals. Why do we hang on their every word without thinking for ourselves?

I do not believe that another person can understand the way that I think, and help me think better and improve my life. We are all unique individuals with unique experiences.

What I believe is effective in helping others grow is sharing our experiences, with discernment of course. If you have been through the same storm I am going through right now, sharing your experience and how you grew from it will help me come out of it unscathed.

This is why when I am in an audience where the Speaker talks about his/her pasts and how they have grown from it, I have hope that whatever I am going through is just a phase and I will rise above it…

Books are for clarity, they help you gain Perspective but they don’t help you think. 

Thinking and making decisions are your responsibility. Push yourself, never get too tired to understand. 

Peace, Light and Love.

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  • Your so right… Straight to the point.. Msg received loud and clear. Thanks

    • Amuta Stone

      Thanks for reading.. 🙂

      • Hey, that post leaves me feeling fooslih. Kudos to you!

    • A good many vaalblues you’ve given me.

  • Tunji


    This is really good article. I Like the honesty in it.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.